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A look back at 2018 and how Codefresh is changing CI/CD

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Wow! 2018 was amazing. We've seen engineering teams from companies large and small become dramatically more productive with Codefresh and their enthusiasm has fueled the team to build a lot of new features that make CI/CD even better. Let's take a quick look at what we accomplished this year. First, in June we welcomed M12: Microsoft's Venture fund as an investor raising $8M in funding. These additional funds are helping us to continue revolutionizing the CI/CD space and make the creation and maintenance of pipelines not only easier, but downright fun! We've heard from you that you love the core concept of having every step in a CI/CD pipeline be its own Docker image. It makes pipelines modular, fast, and easy to create and maintain. Now, in our recently launched marketplace we're seeing the community give back with new shared custom steps. We built Codefresh to be the easiest to use and most advanced CI/CD platform with the best support for cloud native technologies like Kubernetes, serverless, and containers. You can see an almost complete history of new features we added in the "What's new page". Here are the highlights based on feedback from our users. In 2018 Codefresh has heavily invested in open source by becoming a backer of the Helm project and sponsoring a core maintainer. We strengthened our bet on Helm by adding If you're just getting started with Helm, we have several guides on deploying and testing with it. We also take a lot of pride in our new visual pipeline view: Visual CI/CD Getting a detailed overview on what a pipeline does is one of the cornerstones of a sound CI/CD process. The visibility and traceability that is now offered in Codefresh pipelines is a huge improvement on what was offered just one year ago. We can't wait to share with you all the new features for the next year. We are going to invest more into cloud native technologies like Serverless, CNAB, Istio and more. We believe service meshes will explode in popularity with Istio leading the way (which recently reached version 1.0). Stay tuned for lots new features to come! Codefresh already has the easiest and most comprehensive CI/CD platform but we're by no means done. Our mission is to make pipelines as easy and intuitive as possible. Happy new year!

Raziel Tabib

Co-Founder and CEO, Codefresh

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