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Jenkins is primarily a simple task runner. Stop losing your time by writing custom deployment scripts that nobody wants to maintain. Stop trying to wade through the sea of incompatible plugins that don’t do exactly what you want.

If you are looking for a Jenkins alternative that offers full support for both Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery look no further than Codefresh. Codefresh is designed from the ground up to give you full traceability from commit to production in a cohesive CI/CD platform.

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Continuous Integration
Git Repository dashboard
Git support
Github OAuth login Plugin Built-in
Github webhook Plugin Built-in
Bitbucket OAuth login Plugin Built-in
Bitbucket webhook Plugin Built-in
Gitlab Oauth login Plugin Built-in
Gitlab webhook Plugin Built-in
Unit/Integration testing
Integrated Docker-compose support
Built-in dynamic test environments
Permanent Demo test environments
Docker-based builds Yes (Optional) Yes (Enforced)
Caching of docker volume Manually configured Built-in (transparent)
Pipelines as code Groovy Yaml
Native Monorepo support
Extension mechanism Groovy shared libraries Docker images
Command line interface
Continuous Delivery
Internal Docker registry
Docker Registry dashboard
Custom Docker image metadata
Native Kubernetes deployment
Kubernetes Release Dashboard
Automatic pull image secret creation
Integrated Helm repository
Native support for Helm deployments
Helm dashboard
Helm releases history and management
Helm diff between chart versions
Helm Rollback to any previous version
Deploy to Bare Metal/VM

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