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Containers #101: Docker files, Docker cache and Docker images layers

1 min read

All, thanks for attending our last meetup on building microservices using nodejs and Docker.

Please find below both the slides as well as the full recording of the meetup

In this meetup we have demonstrated how to build docker images using docker file and docker build command.

Meetup agenda

We have also covered in this meetup the docker layering and caching mechanism and how to optimize the docker image build process.

In this demo we have worked with the new Docker toolbox available at

Here is the meetup recording (you may find additional recording on our vimeo channel @

Comments and questions are welcome. you can either add your comments here or send us your comments to

you may also join our meetup to attend the next ones live at Containers 101 online meetup

and here are the slides from the meetup

Raziel Tabib

Co-Founder and CEO, Codefresh

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