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GitOps Feature Release

1 min read

It’s no secret that the software development community is starting to embrace GitOps. With the complexity of engineering modern software today, it is becoming a necessity for many companies to reassess their software development and delivery practices.

When Codefresh first released GitOps 2.0 late last year, we had already planned to make it a core pillar of our platform. We hoped our customers would see the value it adds to their software delivery process, and the positive feedback was overwhelming!

Since that initial release, we have continued to invest in our GitOps 2.0 features to make them even more powerful for our customers. While we have been constantly updating and improving those, we have also been working behind the scenes on the next phase of our GitOps feature set.

Here are some exciting new features that will help you achieve your software delivery goals:

Brandon Phillips

Brandon is a seasoned full stack software engineer and architect with a passion for Kubernetes and smooth software delivery

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