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Celebrating Over 13,000 Students And Thousands Achieving GitOps Certification with Argo

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Earlier this year, when Codefresh announced the first course in our GitOps for Argo certification program GitOps Fundamentals – we had high hopes that the course would satisfy the community’s pent-up demand for practical GitOps knowledge. To meet this demand, we designed a course that features lab environments to dramatically improve the learning experience. Each student gets a lab environment pre-configured with everything they need to learn GitOps using Argo CD.

Flash forward to today, and the success of the GitOps for Argo certification program has exceeded all of our expectations.

It’s challenged students to cultivate and demonstrate their GitOps acumen. Likewise, it’s challenged Codefresh to keep pace with the runaway popularity of the course! We’re thrilled to honor the students, instructors, and organizers that made this success possible. Just 10 months since we launched the program, today we’re proud to announce that over 13,000 students have enrolled, and already there are over 4,000 graduates.

The feedback has been overwhelmingly enthusiastic, including some helpful tips that have enabled us to refine what’s emerged as the DevOps community’s definitive GitOps certification program. You can see this success everywhere on social media, with students and course graduates posting their GitOps for Argo certificates and celebrating their newfound knowledge and credentials (and maybe doing some bragging while they’re at it).

The community has turned out by the thousands to participate in GitOps certification because there’s a real hunger out there to understand and implement GitOps best practices.

The DevOps community has been striving for years to realize the full promise of continuous delivery (CD) – but it’s been really hard to get there. People are looking for the right way – the disciplined and sustainable way – to build and deploy their software to achieve competitive advantage. If you can realize continuous delivery, you’re going to 1) be more productive as an organization, 2) you’re going to deploy more frequently, and 3) you’re going to experience less downtime because you can recover from failures more quickly.

GitOps shows us the way forward. And it’s intuitive and accessible, especially for cloud-native applications. People are bought into the idea and principles of GitOps – they just need to know the how. Codefresh’s GitOps for Argo certification course answers this demand head-on.

Last month at ArgoCon, we launched Level 2 of the certification program, GitOps at Scale. The immediate – and passionate – community response assures us that demand for GitOps expertise will only continue to grow stronger in the months and years ahead.

Be sure to check out all the GitOps for Argo certification and course details here – registration is free! We look forward to seeing everyone at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon North America 2022 this week, and celebrating all that we’ve achieved – and what’s still to be achieved – on the path to GitOps ubiquity.

Dan Garfield

Dan is the Co-Founder and Chief Open Source Officer at Codefresh. His work in open source includes being an Argo Maintainer, and co-chair of the GitOps Working Group. As a technology leader with a background in full-stack engineering, evangelism, and communications, he led Codefresh's go-to-market strategy and now leads open source strategy. You can follow him at

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