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Here comes Kubernetes 1.8 and why you should care

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Shiny new versions of software are always exciting but there are a few special things about 1.8 to get excited about. Read this short tutorial and  jump into Codefresh to deploy your service!

The ecosystem is strong

1.8 is the first Kubernetes release led by Microsoft (Jaice Singer DuMars specifically). Microsoft joined the CNCF back in July. 1.7 was led by Google and 1.6 was led by a CoreOS developer. The industry is positively rallying around Kubernetes and it’s clear at this point that Kubernetes isn’t just the future, it’s also the present.

Google created Kubernetes but they have fully embraced bringing the rest of the industry in on the standard.

Security is the focus

Role based access controls are now in stable which means better isolation and smaller attack surfaces. Kubernetes is already considered secure by companies like Github, Ebay, Box, Codefresh and others. Bringing more control and staying ahead of the game is a good move and I see a big commitment in security from the industry as a whole.

Advanced auditing, and resource encryption are now in beta and alpha respectively.

Other highlights include

  • Improved support for custom API servers
  • Better support for client side event spam filtering
  • Kubectl rollout and rollback now support stateful sets (!!)
  • Kubectl scale is now the preferred way to control graceful delete
  • Cluster Autoscaling has better performance and error reporting
  • Multicluster now supports more Kubernetes primitives
  • Cron jobs coming to clusters!

Will Codefresh support deployment to 1.8?

While I haven’t had a chance to test it yet, I don’t see anything in the changes here that would cause a problem. If you have a v1.8 cluster up and running, feel free to jump into Codefresh and deploy your service!



Dan Garfield

Dan Garfield

Dan is the Chief Open Source Officer at Codefresh, GitOps Working Group Co-chair, Google Developer Expert, Forbes Technology Council. You can follow him at

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