Modern CI/CD, without the headache.

Codefresh has everything you need to build, integrate, and deploy your product — without the slow build times, complicated setup, and restrictions.

Dashboard with Graph

Run your builds in a fraction of the time.

Built for speed and scalability

Codefresh is designed to be the fastest CI/CD platform available. It’s built on Kubernetes for fast speed and unlimited scalability. It’s time to say goodbye to slow, frustrating builds.

Advanced Distributed Caching

Thanks to our smart docker image layer caching, an embedded registry, and a shared persistent volume, Codefresh caches images, layers, source code, dependencies, and more—and they’re distributed across all nodes used in any pipeline. Your builds are about to be faster than ever.

Parallel steps and pipelines

Create steps that run in parallel, with powerful features that allow you to explicitly define step order, mix and match sequential and parallel steps, set up prerequisite success criteria for parallel steps, and more.


Best-in-class Kubernetes integration.

Features 1
Works with any K8s cluster, even behind the firewall

Connect Codefresh to your cluster no matter where it is. We support Google Cloud, AWS, Azure, Techtonic, OpenShift, and any other platform. We even support deployment to self-hosted clusters through Codefresh Runner.

Features 2
Monitor all of your clusters with the Kubernetes dashboard

Codefresh’s Kubernetes dashboard brings all your clusters into a single managed space, allowing you to see what’s currently deployed, trace where it came from, and see if everything is running smoothly.

Features 3
Manage Helm releases easier than ever

With built-in steps for deploying packaging and Helm charts, a release dashboard with 1-click rollbacks, and a built-in chart repository, Codefresh exposes Helm in a totally unique way to provide visiblity into your build release process.

Features 4
Flexible Deployment Strategies

Deploy your way. Codefresh supports blue/green deployments, rolling updates, canary deployments, highlander deployments, or custom deployment strategies.


You name it—you can do it with Codefresh.


Every step in Codefresh is a container. This means that each step is an ultra-modular action that can be reused across pipelines, without worrying about dependencies. Codefresh automatically mounts a shared volume to each step to make transferring data and files a breeze. It’s the way steps should be.

There’s a step for that.

Use the built-in step library for easy, plug and play integration with the services you already use. Or, use any Docker image for maximum flexibility.

Deploy anywhere.

Codefresh has integrations to deploy anywhere—Kubernetes clusters, bare metal, VMs, AWS, GCP, Azure, FTP, etc. and integrates with Terraform, Pulumi, Ansible, Chef, Puppet, and more.

Custom steps are easier than ever.

When you need ultimate flexibility, create a custom step with your favorite programming language, package it in a Docker image, and include it in your pipeline. It’s that easy.


Powerful flexibility for small and large teams alike.

Small startups and large enterprises save time and resources through Codefresh’s easy setup, fast builds, and powerful featureset.

Flexible deployment options

Whether you want a cloud-hosted solution for fast, easy setup, self-hosted for maximum flexibility, or anything in between—we’ve got you.

Codefresh supports flexible deployment options that can fit any security, compliance, or integration need.


We’ll take care of hosting and scaling all of Codefresh on our highly-available infrastructure.


We’re flexible—run builds on your infrastructure, and we’ll take care of the Codefresh frontend.


Run the entire Codefresh stack on-premise or on your own infrastructure.

Security. Power. Control. Codefresh Enterprise has everything your business needs:

  • SAML single sign-on
  • Downloadable audit logs
  • Dedicated priority support
  • Role-based access controls
  • On-premise Git providers
  • Invoice billing
  • Unlimited data retention
  • Unlimited users
  • Enterprise account management

Built-in tools make creating and testing powerful pipelines easier than ever.

Live debugging

Breakpoints in a pipeline?
Meet the only live CI/CD debugging tool.

Live debugging makes creating, modifying and testing CI/CD pipelines dramatically faster and easier. You can place a breakpoint before, during or after any step in your pipeline to pause execution.

Once paused, you can run commands, examine variables, explore the state, and make any changes necessary to get your pipeline working perfectly. You’ll never know how you lived without it.

Codefresh security

Secrets made easy and secure

Built-in encrypted pipeline and project variables make it easy to manage secrets. Or, you can easily integrate Hashicorp Vault or other secret managers.

Codefresh terminal

Run any command through the CLI

Codefresh offers a powerful CLI with automatic authentication, allowing you to get, create, approve, and run pipelines, images, and more.

Codefresh terminal

Build any pipeline locally

Codefresh optionally supports running builds completely on your local machine, without worrying about depenencies. All you need is Docker installed.

  • ARM support
  • Dynamic Docker images
  • Advanced conditional logic
  • Windows builds
  • Monorepo support
  • Parallel pipelines and steps
  • Custom annotations
  • Slack & Email Notifications
  • Manual approvals