Modernizing your CI/CD

When you move from monoliths to microservices, you may not realize this right away, but you’re secretly in a Sherlock-Holmes-style mystery.

If your company’s not prepared and you don’t have the right tools and processes in place, you’ll be throwing away all the clues before you even collect the evidence. When migrating from monoliths to microservices, people tend to only focus on the really technical nitty-gritty details and don’t spend enough time on questions like:

  • How do we deliver the software?
  • How do we troubleshoot?
  • What do we do with our tech stack?
  • How do all of these pieces all fit together?
  • Is our company culturally ready for this change?

With experience as a consultant, software engineer, architect, DevOps engineer, and developer evangelist,
JJ Asghar, Developer Advocate at IBM has seen every side of the modernization process and has so many stories to share.

Watch this webinar and learn the Do’s and Don’ts of modernizing your CI/CD.

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Brandon Phillips
Principal Technologist, Codefresh
JJ Asghar
Developer Advocate, IBM

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