Developer Portals: What Developers Want and What Platform People Should Do About It

A live coding session with Kostis Kapelonis for a deep dive into the basic requirements to set up an internal developer platform and portal.

Using an internal developer portal is a great first step for offering self-service capabilities to your developers. However, adopting the portal is only half of the story.

You also need to provide all the machinery that will help developers get the results they expect when they use the portal for creating new services, new applications or even new infrastructure.

One of the most common mistakes when adopting a developer portal is exposing too much information to developers for things they do not care about or do not understand. Forcing them also to click too many buttons for creating resources is an important issue, as it goes against the spirit of adopting a developer platform in the first place.

In this webinar we will see a real example of developer onboarding and more specifically how to create a brand new application/microservice.

We will see both sides of the coin – what developers expect and what operators must provide. We will demonstrate multiple tools (terraform, Codefresh) and see how all of them can be abstracted away behind Port’s internal developer portal.

Have you ever measured how much time a developer needs in your team when a new microservice is created? We will provide everything needed in 5 minutes.

This webinar may include:

  • Slide Deck
  • Full Video
  • Github Project


Kostis Kapelonis
Senior Developer Advocate
Mor Paz
Solution Architect

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