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Codefresh launches free private Docker Registry for developers

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Codefresh is all about providing a complete toolchain for teams delivering containers. We started by building world-class Docker CI/CD and providing on-demand staging environments, all running natively on Kubernetes. Today we add a full private registry for all users, free and paid.

That means no matter what kind of account you have, you can add as many public and private repos to Codefresh’s registry as you like. There are no networking or storage fees, and you can add unlimited collaborators at no additional charge. You can still connect as many external registries as you like, but now you have one built-in.

Please create a free Codefresh account, add as many repos as you like, and start building, testing and deploying Docker images instantly.  

Why Developers love Codefresh’s Docker Registry

  1. It’s automatically integrated with CI/CD
  2. Enriching images with metadata from the build and test process is easy
  3. Debugging broken images is as simple as pulling and running them
  4. It’s free for unlimited public and private repos
  5. It’s powered by Google Container Registry

Combining a Docker Registry with CI/CD and on demand environments

With Codefresh, you have a complete toolchain for building and delivering containers, with faster builds, visibility into image management, and simpler testing and deployment. Users can use Codefresh as their full registry, or use it exclusively as their development registry. With our embedded registry you can continue to use Codefresh’s unique features such as:

  • Extremely fast builds thanks to layer caching and our Kubernetes backend
  • Unique image management capabilities, displaying all your image’s metadata in one place
  • On demand staging environments – get a running environment on every branch and commit without provisioning

Start using our embedded registry today, and see how Codefresh can be your one-stop-shop for all your build, test, and deployment needs! For more technical information, check out the documentation.

Raziel Tabib

Raziel Tabib

Co-Founder and CEO, Codefresh

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