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io.js – Current State and Roadmap

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I had the opportunity to present at the NodeJS IsraelΒ meetup in Tel Aviv a few weeks ago. I got to cover my favorite topics, including Node, Docker and microservice architecture. I can talk about this stuff for hours on end (and I did). πŸ™‚

As a member of the io.js Evangelism WG, I also made sure to cover the current state and roadmap of io.js as well as make a call for participation. io.js has been called the most successful open source initiative in living memory.

It has an open governance model that ensures those contributing to the project have a say in the project. The talent, energy, and passion of everyone contributing to the project, from the core committers, to community management and evangelism, to all the members of various working groups, such as localization, have contributed to the project’s phenomenal rate of iteration and success. Participation is welcome at almost any level.

Remember, io.js is node β€” with the latest V8 engine and EcmaScript 6 support.

Here are the slides I presented if you’d like to learn more.

Raziel Tabib

Raziel Tabib

Co-Founder and CEO, Codefresh

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