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Why a leading customer service platform switched to Codefresh to streamline Kubernetes deployments

Why a leading customer service platform switched to Codefresh to streamline Kubernetes deployments

With high profile brands as customers, high uptime and a fast, reliable deployment process is critical. See how Codefresh helped them achieve this and more.

The challenge

As their business and engineering projects scaled, using CircleCI for their CI/CD pipelines quickly started to become far too complex.

We were using CircleCI beforehand, and we always struggled with it. Building containers, even in 2.0 was very quirky. We pushed on CircleCI to improve their product, but they were not flexible or responsive to what we considered to be the modern approach to building applications. They needed a modern CI/CD platform that worked natively with containers and Kubernetes, and that is flexible enough to scale with their business. Codefresh was the solution.

The solution

We started evaluating platforms like Jenkins, GoCD, TravisCI, Codefresh, and more. Codefresh pretty clearly stood out as the way that things should be done. The native Docker support and extremely straightforward way of building Docker containers completely eliminated the management overhead of maintaining Jenkins.

Thanks to Codefresh’s YAML syntax, migrating to Codefresh was easy. In many cases, the lines of code required for each pipeline reduced by 90%. Plus, Codefresh natively integrates with most DevOps tools.

We needed our build agents to have access to on-premise network resources during our transition to the cloud. Normally, this would mean that we would be managing our own build system, which is exactly what we’re trying to get away from. Codefresh’s hybrid solution was very attractive since we got the best of both worlds, with Codefresh running the front-end and us running the builds on an internal cluster. No other CI/CD platforms are doing this at this level

Thanks to Codefresh’s advanced caching, build/deploy times were cut in half. With the faster builds and greatly reduced management overhead, they was able to save the cost of two full-time employees.

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