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Automate your deployments in minutes using our managed enterprise argo CD

Codefresh DORA metrics

Codefresh GitOps CD powered by argo

Thousands of DevOps teams depend on Codefresh to deploy their software in a safe and scalable manner. Codefresh can integrate with best-of-breed tools to support your software delivery end to end for even the most complex scenarios.

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Progressive Delivery

Streamlined automated approach to canary, blue-green, and experimental releases to give teams flexibility in their releases.

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Unrivaled build and deployment insights to keep your teams informed and ready to act allowing them to stay focused on delivering new features.

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Key CI Integrations

Clean unification with your existing continuous integration tools like Jenkins and Github Actions to bootstrap your GitOps deployments.

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Universal Dashboard

Quickly visualize your software deliveries with flexible dashboards and comprehensive DORA metrics across your organization.

Continuous Delivery at Scale

Cloud – On-prem – Edge

Codefresh Software Delivery Platform is built for intuitive progressive delivery with code-to-cloud visibility. Don’t let your software delivery process slow your innovation.

Codefresh CD at Scale

Get GitOps certified with argo

Organizations are under immense pressure to implement GitOps quickly and effectively. Teams who adopt GitOps deploy more frequently, have fewer regressions, and fix bugs faster. Build your GitOps skills and credibility today with a GitOps Certification.

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Codefresh argo Runtime

Argo Events, Workflows, CD, and Rollouts unified and managed by a single Codefresh control plane

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Argo component management and visibility

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with rigorous standards & compatibility validations

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across your entire enterprise

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Argo support with industry leading SLAs


Codefresh builds on the fastest growing GitOps tool

“GitOps is the best thing since configuration as code.”

– Kelsey Hightower, Principal Engineer, Google

Building with Open Source

Argo Project at Scale

Codefresh is dedicating engineering time every sprint to directly contribute to Argo as well as providing leadership for the future direction of Argo.

Codefresh Hub for Argo

A central destination for certified Argo workflow templates. Consume from the library of proven, secure argo templates for efficient workflows, or submit your own.


Connect and learn about GitOps with Argo at ArgoCon in San Francisco (virtual too), September 19-22. Hear stories from adopters and maintainers alike.