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Welcome to Codefresh!

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Hey developers! At Codefresh, we love Node.js, Docker, and making cloud deployments easier.

Our goal is to allow developers to be just one-click away from runnable code in a cloud-hosted Docker container environment, whether they’re implementing a feature, fixing a bug, or testing a branch or pull request.

That’s why we’re so excited to show off our online Node.js Lab where right now you can already get a taste for how this can accelerate your GitHub-based development workflows.


Using Codefresh Labs, you can take any GitHub repo and with one-click create a Docker-based workspace in the cloud to edit and test code. It only takes a second or two to assign a Docker container, clone a repo, and provide you access to a workspace with an editor and terminal where you can launch the service.


Like the idea of being able to share any branch with other developers and testers with just one click? So do we! We are excited about where we are going with this and will be sharing roadmap details on this blog and on Twitter over the next couple of weeks.

Sign up for our private beta!

Our Labs offer a nice way to launch workspaces from repo URLs, but If you want to be able to browse your own GitHub repositories and open a workspace with one click for any branch, be sure to sign up on our home page for the private beta program we are launching this weekend. Stay tuned for details!

Raziel Tabib

Co-Founder and CEO, Codefresh

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