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The Codefresh Team

Codefresh Announces $7 Million Funding

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Today is an exciting day at Codefresh. We’re announcing that we raised $7 million in financing led by Carmel Ventures with participation from Hillsven Ventures, Streamlined Ventures and UpWest Labs. This is a big, humbling bet on us.

We’re also very excited to welcome a new board member to our team: Ronen Nir from Carmel Ventures. Together with our existing board members Boris Putanec of Hillsven Ventures, who founded Ariba, as well as my co-founder and Codefresh CTO, Oleg Verhovsky and myself, I feel we have a very strong leadership team.

Codefresh was founded in September 2014 when it was just us two founders with an early concept of how to build a continuous delivery platform from day one with containers and microservices in mind. Since then, we’ve grown into a very real, fast-growing business. In the three months since we launched GA, about 4,000 users have launched more than 5,000 Docker images and compositions using Codefresh.

Our mission at Codefresh is an ambitious undertaking. My co-founder, Oleg and I have deep experience in building scalable platforms using container technology and agile practices. From this experience, we created the next generation continuous delivery platform, built from the ground-up for containers and microservices. A platform in which containers and compositions are native entities that can be easily embedded in the automated development pipeline.

There would simply be no chance of achieving our ambitious goals without the backing of top-tier venture investors. Of course investors bring money, but we also wanted someone willing to roll up their sleeves and get to work. And especially someone who had lived through the experience of taking a company from a small team and product to a massive platform in a few short years. And that’s what we got with Ronen and Carmel Ventures.

This investment milestone comes thanks to all of you, our early users, the great feedback you gave as well as an enormous amount of work done by the team. Thank you all. We’d be just a blip on the unforgiving startup trail if it weren’t for you.

If you use Docker and haven’t tried us yet, please get your free-forever account and give it a spin. And we always love to hear feedback, good or bad, so please write your comments below.

Raziel Tabib
CEO & Co-Founder

Raziel Tabib

Co-Founder and CEO, Codefresh

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