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"Our app has always been on Docker, and we wanted our CI to match"

ParkHub uses Docker and wanted an easy-to-use CI to match

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ParkHub helps parking operations boost revenue, cut costs, and wow guests with fast, reliable, and easy to use technology. With a team of 40 people, and 15 developers, their mobile point of sale app Prime is split between iOS and Full Stack. Their main application has always been on Docker with a micoservice architecture. When looking for a CI, ParkHub wanted something that would work nicely with their Dockerized application; when they discovered Codefresh’s Docker native features, it was a perfect match!

We had been using [a competitor] before, and were attracted to Codefresh being a Docker native solution

Jennifer Moore
Software Engineer, ParkHub

Enter Codefresh!

After trying several different CIs, ParkHub switched to Codefresh. They were immediately won over by its “ease of use” compared to competitors. Having a CI that plays nicely with Docker has helped ParkHub automate their processes and ship code much faster. “We are really happy with Codefresh’s Docker multi-stage support” says Daniel Olivares, Full-Stack Developer at ParkHub, “and we’re happy to have found a Docker native CI”.

We’ve seen many companies significantly cut down the time of their builds thanks to Codefresh’s Docker-native caching capabilities. Start your free trial, and see how much faster you could be building today!