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Codefresh adds native support for Azure DevOps Git repositories

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One of the big strengths of the Codefresh platform is the fact that it is cloud agnostic. Unlike other solutions that are locked to a single cloud provider, we support all major providers both for Git operations and Kubernetes clusters. Today we are releasing native integration with Azure DevOps Git repositories.

This means that you can easily connect your code in Azure Git Repositories and start creating pipelines with Codefresh.

Checking out code from Azure Git repositories
Checking out code from Azure Git repositories

With the introduction of Azure DevOps and the availability of free private repositories, we started seeing a lot of customers who wanted to use Azure for their Git storage but still create pipelines for CI/CD using the Codefresh platform. Codefresh already supports the major Git providers (Github, Gitlab, Bitbucket) and therefore supporting Azure repositories was the next natural step for us.

The process involves two steps:

Step 1 – On the Azure side, you need to create a personal access token, which is the same thing that you would do if you wanted to give Git access to a shell script or external application.

Create Azure DevOps token
Create Azure DevOps token

You need to create your Azure token with at least the following permissions:

  • Code – Read
  • Code – Status
  • Graph – Read
  • Project and Team – Read
  • User profile – Read

Step 2 – With the token at hand, you can now connect your Azure Git repository like any other GIT provider.

Azure Devops Git integration
Azure Devops Git integration

Now you can create any Codefresh pipeline you wish either with automatic cloning or your own custom clone steps.

Codefresh pipeline checking out from Azure Git
Codefresh pipeline checking out from Azure Git

You can read the full details at the our documentation page.

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Kostis Kapelonis

Kostis is a software engineer/technical-writer dual class character. He lives and breathes automation, good testing practices and stress-free deployments with GitOps.

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