Introducing Codefresh Software Delivery Platform powered by Argo

Introducing Codefresh Software Delivery Platform powered by Argo

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A New Vision for a New Era of Software Delivery

With KubeCon 2021 upon us, we look forward to seeing many exciting announcements from our peers in the open-source DevOps community in the days ahead.

Codefresh is honored to make some exciting news of our own.

Today we officially unveiled the Codefresh Software Delivery Platform – a fully featured, enterprise-class implementation of Argo.

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We invite you to learn more about every aspect of the new solution. A lot of hard work has gone into it, and the Codefresh team is proud to stand together to share it with you.

For enterprise customers, the Codefresh Software Delivery Platform provides an elegant, carefully integrated Argo solution to help enable fully automated DevOps workflows from code to cloud — and it’s seamlessly scalable for any environment. It provides unrivaled insights and deployment analytics via a unified interface, enables more frequent, smoother software deployment, and it helps to eliminate production downtime risks.

That’s what the solution does, in a nutshell. But it doesn’t tell the full story of how we got here.

A Revolution in Technology

Since Codefresh’s founding, we’ve actively sought out and embraced bleeding-edge technologies that will help equip our customers to innovate more quickly and deploy software more frequently, reliably and confidently.

During that time, microservices orchestrated with containers via Kubernetes have become the de facto way to run cloud native enterprise applications for reasons of agility and scale. Every enterprise-ready platform must be designed for these technologies, as they represent a fundamentally different way of running and scaling applications that can’t be replicated or retrofitted with legacy technology. That technology is considered ‘legacy’ for a reason.

Built in Kubernetes for Kubernetes, Argo is a pure, full cloud-native application. And it’s the natural next step toward pursuing and cultivating continued innovation for open-source DevOps automation. It’s also optimally built for implementing GitOps, and therefore makes it seamless to define software deployment strategy.

It’s for these reasons that Argo has emerged as the fastest growing open-source DevOps toolset and the largest and most popular GitOps tooling in the world today.

In an era of accelerating technological complexity, competition and innovation, the Codefresh Software Delivery Platform allows modern enterprises to scale effortlessly and move at the pace they need to compete successfully and win in their respective markets. They can build from the ground up on the latest technology and cultivate best practices throughout the workflow.

Codefresh Software Delivery Platform enables progressive deployment whereby software updates can be phased in in a highly controlled, automated manner that also allows for fast rollbacks to previous versions if/when the need arises. This approach provides all the necessary checks and balances to give organizations the confidence that their production is never at risk.

In the end, this allows customers to deploy software as frequently as possible and greatly accelerate their pace of innovation. And it doesn’t matter what business they’re in – insurance, banking, gaming, media/content, healthcare, you name it – modern enterprises need modern technology because in today’s world it’s the most critical aspect for achieving competitive advantage.

Giving Back, Going Forward

As part of this initiative, Codefresh is going open source in a big way, building around this exciting technology while we simultaneously contribute back to it to ensure that Argo stays steadfast at the vanguard of DevOps automation technology – today and tomorrow. That’s our commitment to the community.

Codefresh’s significant, ongoing time and resource investments in Argo and GitOps – we’re core contributors to both – go hand-in-hand with our efforts to ensure that our customers always stay a step ahead of the market. They’re super excited by what they’ve seen from Codefresh Software Delivery Platform thus far, and we invite everyone to join us as we embark down this exciting path ahead.

If you are as excited about the future of GitOps tooling as we are, you can learn more and request early access here.

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