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GitOps Tutorial: Getting Started with GitOps and Argo CD in 7 Steps

What Is GitOps?  GitOps is a new paradigm in software development, which involves managing and versioning infrastructure and deployment pipelines in the same way as source code. It employs Git as a single source of truth for declarative infrastructure and applications. GitOps is an extension of DevOps, making operations more developer-centric. GitOps streamlines operations and […]

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The FluxCD project’s uncertain future and migration considerations

What Is FluxCD?  FluxCD is an open-source tool that automates deployment processes in a Kubernetes environment. It uses GitOps principles to manage project states and synchronize configurations across clusters. Its parent project, Flux, is managed by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) and achieved the Graduated maturity level in November, 2022. With Flux, teams can […]

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GitOps Your Terraform in 4 Easy Steps

Terraform’s declarative nature aligns well with the GitOps principle of storing the desired state of infrastructure as code. This combination enhances automation, consistency, and reproducibility in infrastructure management.

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