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Argo CD with Terraform: 4 Key Benefits and Quick Tutorial

What Is Argo CD?  Argo CD is an open-source Continuous Deployment (CD) tool built to automate the deployment of applications in a Kubernetes environment. It’s a product of the Argo project, a community-driven initiative backed by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF). Argo CD employs a GitOps approach to deployment, ensuring that your Kubernetes clusters […]

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ArgoCD Sync Policies: A Practical Guide

ArgoCD Sync Policy is an important feature of ArgoCD, a GitOps tool which manages the synchronization of applications deployed in a Kubernetes environment with their corresponding configurations stored in a Git repository. 

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Argo CD CLI: Commands and Best Practices

The Argo CD CLI (Command Line Interface) is one of the primary interfaces of Argo CD. It lets you perform a range of operations on your Argo CD server, such as creating and managing applications, checking the status of applications, syncing applications, managing repositories, and providing cluster credentials.

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