Enterprise CI/CD Best Practices: 2nd Edition

Welcome to the next level of CI/CD excellence!

Our newly minted eBook, “Enterprise CI/CD Best Practices: 2nd Edition“, is a comprehensive guide that goes beyond the basics to help you master CI/CD workflows. Gain valuable insights and practical strategies used by industry leaders to drive CI/CD success.

What’s New in the 2nd Edition:

  • Expanded Coverage: Delve deeper into the technicalities of each best practice, understanding the nuances that can significantly impact your development process.
  • More Actionable Insights: Discover over 20 actionable best practices that will revolutionize your software delivery, accelerating your development to new heights.
  • Enhanced Explanations: Learn not only the “why” behind each practice but also the “how” to apply them effectively within your enterprise environment.

What You’ll Discover:

  • Building a Unified Artifact
  • Prioritizing Artifacts over Commits
  • Deploying via a Single Path
  • Automating Rollbacks
  • Leveraging Progressive Delivery Patterns

… and much more!

You're in Good Company

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Codefresh CICD Best Practices eBook 2nd Edition