Image Scanning using Clair


In this edition of Codefresh Live, see how the open-source project Clair can be used to scan your Docker images for security vulnerabilities in your CI/CD pipeline.

Join Codefresh’s Senior Solution Architect Dustin Van Buskirk for a LIVE tutorial including:

– Installing Clair into your Kubernetes cluster using Codefresh Helm Repository/Chart Installation
– Adding a Clair step to a Codefresh pipeline
– Storing your Clair security results into a storage system
– Enriching your Docker image’s metadata with Clair results
– Enforcing vulnerability level thresholds in your pipelines

Gain a ‘clear’ view of the security for your container-based infrastructure with our simple & easy plugin.

Dustin Van Buskirk
Dustin Van Buskirk
Senior Solution Architect, Codefresh