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Automated Serverless Pipelines with #GitOps on Codefresh

2 min read

Fast feature-branch deployment of serverless architecture can have its challenges. For starters, CDN replication times can take up to 30mins. This is way too long of a feedback loop for rapid development on a team. Secondly, development teams need standard workflows for all projects/features. Dynamic AWS urls are too obfuscated, why can’t we have pretty urls all following a similar url structure as we can with Kubernetes?

Well, there is a way.

In this Codefresh Live event, Dan Van Brunt, Senior Director of  Technology at Klick Health, shows how they’ve used Codefresh to build a serverless solution and workflow that lowers these feature-branch initial deployments down to just over 4mins!

Need to show someone what you’re working on? Our #GitOps approach means we can create a feature branch and 4 mins later have a working serverless environment.

Codefresh is not just for shipping containers. It also makes for a highly flexible, serverless pipeline tool. Just pair it with The Serverless Framework and you’ll be shipping serverless architecture like a champ!




Ready to replicate it for yourself?

Dan has shared the advanced pipelines he’s developed so you can replicate his workflow without building a pipeline from scratch! See below:

demo-site:   KlickMarketing/demo-site

demo-stack-entry-cfn:  KlickMarketing/demo-stack-entry-cfn

demo-stack-proxy:  KlickMarketing/demo-stack-proxy

build-harness:  klickinc/marketing-build-harness

Lighthouse Docker:  klickinc/lighthouse-ci

Serverless Framework:  serverless/serverless

You can also view the slide deck here:


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