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Announcing Integration with & private Docker registries

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We  are excited to announce the Quay by CoreOS integration with the Codefresh platform! Now you can use Quay as your Docker registry for Codefresh in a few simple steps.

Why integrate & Codefresh? offers a hosted service for building, analyzing and storing container images. It has an intuitive interface, which gives detailed information and reports on your container images. Now organizations using to host their containers can take advantage of Codefresh’s Docker-native CI/CD to automate and collaborate on their Docker apps. Together, these platforms allow you to manage your complete build, test and deploy pipeline and gain insights into every stage. 

To make your continuous integration experience even better, we’ve also added support for any private Docker registry. In this post, we will explain how you can integrate your Codefresh account with (or private registry) to push, pull and store your Docker images. 

How to integrate Codefresh +

  1. In your Codefresh account, click on the Account Management tab in the upper-right hand corner of your account profile.
  2. In your Account Settings, click on the Integrations tab and check the box next to the Docker logo.
  3. In the Docker Hub field, enter your credentials for or your private registry.To get your credentials, log into your Account Settings and generate an encrypted password and use it as the password for the integration with Codefresh.
  4. In the “Alternative Registry URL” field, simply enter “” and hit Save.


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This integration will be available across all your projects, allowing you to push and pull images from If you don’t have a Codefresh account, signup for free.


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