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The world’s most popular, and fastest-growing open source GitOps tool. Argo CD powers Codefresh GitOps.

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Why Argo CD?

Argo CD is an easy-to-use and simple-to-understand GitOps tool. Argo CD uses a Kubernetes controller to constantly monitor the state of all resources under management and compare them against the desired states set in Git. When changes are made to the desired state, the controller will work to realize that desired configuration. When drift detection is enabled, Argo CD can automatically detect changes to the resources under management and reapply the desired state. Argo CD is also designed to work with Argo Rollouts, a progressive delivery tool for handling canary and blue/green deployments with robust support for most load balancers in use today. Teams choose Argo CD for its easy-to-use interface, its reliable diff engine, and secure architecture that works well in the cloud, on-prem, and at edge.

Getting Started with Argo CD?

We recommend getting started with Argo CD Autopilot

  • Install and manage Argo CD using GitOps
  • Create and structure Git repos
  • Handle promotion of changes across multiple environments
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Argo CD Features

Built for Kubernetes and Beyond

Argo CD runs natively on Kubernetes with smart defaults for managing every kind of resource (including CRDs) your cluster has to offer. Argo CD can even be extended to support non-Kubernetes resources. Less `kubectl apply`, more ‘git commit’

Define your application once and let Argo CD handle the rest

Once an application is defined in Git, simply deploy Argo CD and set a deployment target and Argo CD will start handling reconciliation. Whether you define an application with plain manifests, kustomize, helm, ksonnet, jsonnet, or any other config management tool you’ve connected to the config management plugin api, Argo CD can handle it.

We recommend a two-repo approach to GitOps as is default in Argo CD Autopilot.

Easy to understand GUI, CLI, API

The Argo CD GUI clearly lays out all resources, how they relate to each other, and where they’re at in the deployment lifecycle. This makes Argo CD uniquely accessible to new and experienced users alike. Control everything from the API, or the CLI that you get in the GUI. Ripe for automation.

Enable Progressive Delivery

Whether you’re using a service mesh or a more traditional load balancers like NGINX or Amazon ALB Argo Rollouts has full support. Create a deployment strategy along with metrics policies in a declarative format that can automatically increase traffic or rollback depending on the metrics policies created.
Learn more about Argo Rollouts for Kubernetes progressive delivery.

Fully open source

Argo CD is part of the Argo Project. A graduated CNCF project maintained by Codefresh, Intuit, Redhat, and many more. CNCF surveys show despite launching a few short years ago, Argo is already the 3rd most popular CI/CD tool.

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