Using a Kanban board to manage and promote Helm Releases

If you are working in a software company, you are already familiar with Kanban boards that allow you to track tasks between different states such as backlog, in progress, done, etc. At Codefresh, we like using Kanban boards so much that we decided to use them for our deployments. When we want to ...
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Codefresh versus Bitbucket pipelines

Bitbucket pipelines are the native Continuous Integration (CI) part of the Bitbucket GIT repository service. If you are already using Bitbucket for your source control needs, you might think that adopting Bitbucket pipelines is also natural as they are tightly integrated. Choosing Bitbucket ...
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Updating Kubernetes With Helm Charts: Build, Test, Deploy with Codefresh and Azure

Creating and using custom Helm charts for internal consumption is incredibly powerful. In this edition of Codefresh Live, join Steve Lasker from Microsoft Azure and Josh Dolitsky & Dan Garfield from Codefresh as they go through best practices for creating, testing, and deploying Helm ...
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