continuous integration

Codefresh launches plugin marketplace, a collection of Docker images as pipeline steps

Today, Codefresh is launching the plugin marketplace, a collection of pipeline steps that can be easily used by pasting the respective yaml segment in any pipeline. The plugin marketplace contains an initial set of pipeline steps contributed both by Codefresh and our partners. All plugins are ...
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Deploying to Artifactory/Bintray from Codefresh pipelines

JFrog Artifactory is one of the leading repository management solutions. Originally a generic package management solution, it has now expanded to cover Docker images as well. JFrog is also the company behind Bintray, the SAAS version of Artifactory offering the same storage capabilities in the ...
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Codefresh versus Jenkins

One of the most popular questions we get from customers is how Codefresh compares to Jenkins. People are also curious about seeing the classic comparison matrix between the two solutions as part of their evaluation. It is important to understand that Codefresh and Jenkins are not truly comparable ...
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