Introducing a Security Feedback Loop to your CI Pipelines


We’re all looking at ways to prevent vulnerabilities from escaping into our production environments. Why not require scans of your Docker images before they’re even uploaded to your production Docker registry? SHIFT LEFT!

Codefresh has worked with Twistlock to run Twist CLI using a Docker image as a build step in CI pipelines.

Join Codefresh, Twistlock, and Steelcase as we demonstrate setting up vulnerability and compliance thresholds in a CI pipeline. We will show you how to give your teams access to your Docker images’ security reports & trace back to your report from your production Kubernetes cluster using Codefresh.


Dustin Van Buskirk

Sr. Solution Architect, Codefresh

Matthew Barker

Solutions Architect, Twistlock

Varun Tagore Korrapati

DevOps Engineer, Steelcase