Productizing the Internal Developer Platform

I am Paul O’Reilly, the Global Customer Advocate here at Codefresh. Join me to meet all sorts of awesome people as we explore topics around Tech, DevOps, AI, Argo and others!

During this session we are going live with Steve Fenton from Octopus Deploy, Bartek Antoniak from VirtusLab, Jordan Chernev from Zillow Group, and Scott Hiland from Hunter Strategy.

We’ll be doing a discussion around how to “productize” a developer platform inside an org – a look at what best practices look like and experiences and advice around that.

Join us on June 26th, 2-3pm Pacific and stay tuned for all future sessions still to come!

This webinar may include:

  • Slide Deck
  • Full Video
  • Github Project


Paul O'Reilly
Scott Hiland
Jordan Chernev
Steve Fenton
Bartek Antoniak

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