Introducing a Hosted GitOps Platform

Automate GitOps best practices and deliver software faster

Introducing a fully-hosted solution for DevOps teams seeking to quickly and easily achieve frictionless, GitOps-based continuous software delivery in the cloud.

Codefresh GitOps CD has been very popular for its ease of use and centralized UI providing detailed CI/CD deployment insights and analytics that optimize software delivery for smoother, scalable DevOps automation leveraging open-source Argo.

Join us on July 28 at 10:00 am Pacific for this special launch event. You’ll gain insights on how to use:

  • Argo CD as-a-Service
  • DORA dashboards
  • Integrations with popular CI providers


Plus you’ll hear real-world use cases from customers and partners on how they are automating GitOps and equipping DevOps teams to deliver software faster.

This webinar may include:

  • Slide Deck
  • Full Video
  • Github Project

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