Deploying Windows apps with Docker, Draft, Helm, and Kubernetes

In this webinar, Jessica Deen will walk you through two key workflows for Windows applications and containers—the lift and shift scenario and the modern .NET Core framework.

For the lift and shift scenario, you start with a prebuilt traditional ASP and NET application in a container, and Jessica shows you a simple, manual deployment to a hybrid Kubernetes cluster.

In the second scenario, you use the .NET Core framework on Windows, and she shows a simple, manual deployment to the same hybrid cluster. Adding in some container-specific tooling such as Draft and Helm for both scenarios further simplifies the deployment process. Tie everything together with some simple DevOps and CI/CD using Codefresh.

This webinar includes:
  • Slide Dec
  • Full Video
  • Github Project

Jessica Deen

Microsoft Senior Cloud Advocate

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