Build and Deploy ’23

“I have never had this much fun on a virtual event”

“thanks for this web conf!! fun fun fun”

“Queue-becktal is my new way to say it now, thanks for the tip dan!”

All quotes were said by real (unpaid) attendees. Make sure to catch up on this event for best practices, tips and tricks, and most importantly, laughs! 

The full agenda:

    1. CICD for Software Modernizations by Emily Freeman (@editingemily), Raziel Tabib (Codefresh), and Dan Garfield (Codefresh)
    2. 5 Lightning Fast Build and Deployment Patterns by Brandon Phillips (Codefresh)
    3. It’s A Surprise with Robert Sirchia (SUSE), Lian Li (Loft Labs), and Cody De Arkland (LaunchDarkly)
    4. CI/CD Success Stories in the Real World with Victor Cuascut (Veeva Systems) and Robert Barabas (Tigris)

This webinar may include:

  • Slide Deck
  • Full Video
  • Github Project


Dan Garfield
Co-Founder and COSO, Codefresh
Emily Freeman
Raziel Tabib
Founder and CEO, Codefresh
Brandon Phillips
Principal Technologist, Codefresh
Lian Li
Developer Advocate, Loft Labs
Robert Sirchia
Head of Community Evangelism, SUSE
Cody De Arkland
Head of DevRel, LaunchDarkly
Victor Cuascut
Sr. Director of DevOps, Veeva Systems
Robert Barabas
Founding Engineer, Tigris Data

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