Automate Deployment Cycles & Release with Confidence

Join Ben Mathews and Jared Meeker from Vivint as they relive their past deployment pains and show you how Codefresh & Blue Matador helped make deployment & monitoring easy while increasing the speed and stability of their releases.

Tune in to this live webinar to see how they…
> Migrated from Virtual Machines to Kubernetes & improved deployment time from 3-4 hours to 5 minutes!
> Moved from manual deployments and hand-coded YAML files to fully automated pipelines using Helm charts & Codefresh CI/CD
> Used Blue Matador to automatically receive a curated set of proactive, automated alerts to monitor their Kubernetes clusters
> Now manage over 8k pods on 100+ Kubernetes nodes

This webinar includes:

  • Slide Dec
  • Full Video
  • Github Project

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