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Intro to Docker Compose Version 2

Docker Tutorial | April 18, 2016


On Friday we hosted an online Meetup in which we introduced Docker Compose Version 2. Docker Compose is a tool for defining and running a multi-container application. Docker Compose version 2.0 added a new format and enhancements of the docker-compose.yml file.


Here is the recording of the meetup:

Containers #101 : Introduction to Docker Compose V2 from Codefresh on Vimeo. To watch all previous recordings please visit the Containers #101 online meetup video channel.
The repo used for the Docker Compose example can be found on GitHub at the following url: Comments and questions are welcome. If you have comments or feedback, please email us directly at
Join our Meetup page if you’re interested in attending our next in-person or online event: Containers 101 online Meetup.

Slides from the Meetup are posted below:

Containers #101 : Introduction to Docker Compose V2 from Raziel Tabib (Join our team)
Raziel Tabib

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Co-Founder and CEO, Codefresh

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