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Ruben Hakopian
Ruben H.
July 6, 2022
“Codefresh solves one of the most challenging issues with running CI/CD pipelines – usability.”
Apart from a stunning and easy to use UI and packed with tons of features, we liked how Codefresh works with containerization and Kubernetes in mind. Another helpful capability was the ability to define custom steps that can be reused in numerous pipelines. That significantly simplifies building custom pipelines (especially if following GitOps like pattern). Even though Codefresh was very well documented, we also got tremendous help from support. The team was very responsive, both for the free and paid plans.
Satish B.
April 6, 2021
“Ideal choice for CI/CD for any project”
The most helpful feature I loved about Codefresh is how easy it is to connect your project from Github and how automated it can get with running the builds. Using it for work makes everything so much easier to track because as soon as a change has been committed a build is run and we get instantly get notified about the status of the build. Another very helpful part is the documentation which is amazing, and I found it very detailed.
Scott M.
July 30, 2021
“Best CI/CD Platform on the market – if you’re using kubernetes, use codefresh”
Codefresh pipelines make sense. The YAML configuration and project/pipeline layout are very intuitive, and their documentation is overall pretty great. The pricing model is simple and upfront. Pipelines and steps are very customizable, and running them with conditionals or parallel makes them super customizable. The web interface is excellent for writing proof of concept pipelines and testing them; then, you can commit them to a repo and tie the source to a branch to have it sourced from your repo. Secrets management is a breeze, and being able to pass in different shared configurations based on what git triggers fire is beneficial in creating simple pipelines. Connecting to k8s is well documented, and I quickly added the necessary configuration into my terraform code to have it be part of my infrastructure as code. Having the configuration profiles available at all steps is very convienent. Their sales and support teams are great and very responsive to feedback and concerns.