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Brandon Phillips
Brandon Phillips is an engineer with a passion for all things electronic, motorized, and software related. Brandon has architected and built everything from factory automation lines to massive enterprise software deliveries. He particularly enjoys embracing new technology and sharing his excitement for engineering with others.
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Each episode of Merging to Main focuses on experiences, struggles, war stories and challenges of a specific component of CI/CD - whether that be secrets management, feature flags, GitOps adoption, and more.
Episode #6
The Journey to Self-Service GitOps
Is it possible to create a self-service solution for GitOps? Can you reduce your time spent enabling development teams without risking everything? The answer is yes. Watch to learn how.
Brandon Phillips, Sergio Méndez
August 22, 2023
Episode #5
Coexisting Between Kubernetes and Legacy Tech
Ready to make the switch to Kubernetes and containers from your legacy tech? Don’t know how best to make the transition? Watch this episode.
Brandon Phillips, Mark Panthofer
July 11, 2023
Episode #4
Feature Flags
There are many benefits to Feature Flagging, but like everything in the CI/CD world, all features and tools require careful consideration. Let's dive in.
Brandon Phillips, Cody De Arkland
June 06, 2023
Episode #3
CI/CD Secrets
Don’t leave yourself open to a plethora of insecurities; depending on how significant these insecurities can be, you welcome unnecessary work down the line and potential legal consequences.
Brandon Phillips, Dan Garfield, Yoni Koren
May 10, 2023
Episode #2
Is GitOps Just a FAD?
Is GitOps just another FAD that you should ignore? Is it worth the effort? Hear what the teams at Intuit to say and how they were able to revolutionize their CI/CD processes.
Brandon Phillips, Anusha Ragunathan, Kevin Downey
April 04, 2023
Episode #1
Modernizing your CI/CD
Are you and your team fully prepared to modernize your CI/CD? If not, you might be in for a Sherlock-Holmes style mystery. Learn how to prepare yourself, your team, and your company to make the switch.
Brandon Phillips, JJ Asghar
March 02, 2023
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