Invite your team members

Add other Codefresh users to your account

You can easily add additional people to a Codefresh account to work with your repositories or pipelines. You also define the level of access they have in the account resources.

Managing users in a Codefresh account

On the left sidebar of the Codefresh UI choose Account Settings and then click on the User & Teams menu item under User Management

Invite users

Invite users
  1. In the Username text box, type the Codefresh username or email address of the user you want to add.
  2. Click the Add button.

An email will be sent to the person that holds the email account. Once this invitation is sent, they will show as Pending until the invite is successfully accepted and the user is created

Setting a role for each collaborator

You can also change the role of each team member by using the drop-down next to their name:

  • People with the User role will be able to work with your repositories and pipelines, but will not be able to change settings on clusters, docker registries, git integrations, shared configurations etc.
  • People with the Administrator role have full access to your account and can change all your settings, so make sure that they are trusted colleagues.

You can completely remove a user from your account by clicking on the bin icon on the far right.

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