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DevOps with Azure, Kubernetes, and Helm Webinar

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This past week, we hosted our DevOps with Azure, Kubernetes, and Helmย Webinar with special guest Jessica Deen from Microsoft. In case you missed it, we’ve recorded it for you to view on demand.

Watch the webcast and learn how you can use standard DevOps practices such as IaC, CI/CD, automated release and more in conjunction with Kubernetes (AKS) and Helm.




During the webinar, Jessica put together a fantastic demo to utilize Codefresh, Kubernetes, and Helm to build a ‘Crock Hunter’ game! She even recapped the whole process for you in her blog post so you can replicate it yourself. Check it out:


Jessica’s Blog Post


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Check out the slide deck on Slideshare here:




Taryn Jones

Taryn Jones

Taryn manages Marketing Operations at Codefresh

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