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  • Lessons Learned from Argo CD Users: The 2022 Survey Report

    A survey conducted by the Argo project shows conclusively that Argo CD and Rollouts are the go-to tools for GitOps. Almost 100 respondents ranging from software engineers to CTOs say…

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  • DevOps Automation, GitOps, and Kubernetes: The State of Play 2021 v1.0

    Kubernetes is now mainstream, and GitOps practices are key to success. Those are the key findings of this important research conducted by Codefresh and GigaOM. The report not only details…

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  • Implement GitOps at Scale with Argo CD

    A completely automated continuous deployment pipeline is achievable in your Kubernetes environment today. We partnered with Argo CD maintainers to bring you this technical deep dive on how to use…

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