Codefresh adds live pipeline visualizations of pipeline stages

We have a lot of customers who started using Codefresh as an easy way to create Docker images in a hosted environment and quickly discovered the power of Codefresh yaml that allowed them to create all kinds of pipelines such as integration tests, security scanning, quality reports etc. We are seeing ...
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Programmatic Creation of Codefresh Pipelines – Part1

Update: Part 2 of the series in now available One of the big strengths of Codefresh is its friendly UI. For example, in Codefresh you can quickly deploy a service/deployment to Kubernetes using just the graphical Interface. Of course, you are still free to use your own kubectl commands if you wish ...
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Trigger Codefresh pipeline with Docker image push

TL;DR Have you ever wanted to run an automated DevOps pipeline not only forĀ git push, but also in response to an external event? Then you are in the right place. With Codefresh pipelines you can execute pipelines in response to external events. The first event we are adding support to, is a ...
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