Codefresh launches plugin marketplace, a collection of Docker images as pipeline steps

Today, Codefresh is launching the plugin marketplace, a collection of pipeline steps that can be easily used by pasting the respective yaml segment in any pipeline. The plugin marketplace contains an initial set of pipeline steps contributed both by Codefresh and our partners. All plugins are ...
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Adding Anchore Container Image Scanning to Your Codefresh Pipelines

Editor’s note –This is a guest blog post by Christian Wiens from Anchore, an open container compliance platform for discovering, analyzing, and certifying container images. Codefresh hosted a webinar featuring Anchore showing how you can integrate tools like the open-source Anchore Engine into your ...
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Fully automated blue/green deployments in Kubernetes with Codefresh

Out of the box, Kubernetes supports some interesting deployment strategies. From those, the most useful for production deployments is the rolling update. This deployment strategy allows for zero-downtime application upgrades and also offers a gradual rollout of the new application to each pod ...
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