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Fully automated canary deployments in Kubernetes

In a previous article, we described how you can do blue/green deployments in Codefresh using a declarative step in your Codefresh Pipeline. Blue/Green deployments are very powerful when it comes to easy rollbacks, but they are not the only approach for updating your Kubernetes application. Another ...
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Fully automated blue/green deployments in Kubernetes with Codefresh

Out of the box, Kubernetes supports some interesting deployment strategies. From those, the most useful for production deployments is the rolling update. This deployment strategy allows for zero-downtime application upgrades and also offers a gradual rollout of the new application to each pod ...
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Production-ready CI/CD for Serverless Applications

TL;DR Looking for reusable development and production CI/CD pipelines for AWS Lambda (with Serverless Framework)? Just open your Codefresh account and copy two pipelines from this post, provide AWS credentials and configuration and start writing your serverless functions. These CI/CD pipelines ...
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