continuous delivery

Production-ready CI/CD for Serverless Applications

TL;DR Looking for reusable development and production CI/CD pipelines for AWS Lambda (with Serverless Framework)? Just open your Codefresh account and copy two pipelines from this post, provide AWS credentials and configuration and start writing your serverless functions. These CI/CD pipelines ...
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Trigger Codefresh pipeline with Docker image push

TL;DR Have you ever wanted to run an automated DevOps pipeline not only for git push, but also in response to an external event? Then you are in the right place. With Codefresh pipelines you can execute pipelines in response to external events. The first event we are adding support to, is a ...
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Continuous Delivery and Continuous Deployment for Kubernetes (part 2)

Part 2 In the previous post, I've covered Docker CI, and talked about Continuous Deployment and Continuous Delivery. This time, I'm going to share our POV for building effective CD (both CD types) for a microservice based application, running on a Kubernetes cluster. Kubernetes Continuous ...
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