Push a docker image to a registry


  • candidate - The identifier of the image to push to the remote Docker registry. It can be an explicit identifier of an image to push, or a variable that references a Build step.
  • credentials
  • image_name - The tagged image name that will be used The default value will be the same image name as of the candidate.
  • registry - The registry logical name of one of the inserted registries from the integration view. The default value will be your default registry.
  • tag - The tag under which to push the image. Use either this or tags. The default is latest.
  • tags - Multiple tags under which to push the image
    version: '1.0'
    type: push
      candidate: '${{build_step_name}}'
      tag: latest
      image_name: codefresh/app
      registry: my-registry

Codefresh INC
Aug 25, 2019