Operates on GitHub pull requests


  • BASE - The name of the branch you want the changes pulled into. This should be an existing branch on the current repository. You cannot submit a pull request to one repository that requests a merge to a base of another repository. Required for 'create' operation.
  • GITHUB_PR_NUMBER - The number of updated pull request. Required for open/close/update operations
  • GITHUB_PR_OPERATION - Operation on pull request. Options - create, update, open, close. Default - create.
  • GITHUB_REPO_NAME - Name of repo
  • GITHUB_REPO_OWNER - Name of repo owner
  • GITHUB_TOKEN - Token for access to GitHub
  • HEAD - The name of the branch where your changes are implemented. For cross-repository pull requests in the same network, namespace head with a user like this - username:branch. Required for 'create' operation.
  • TITLE - The title of the pull request. Required for 'create' operation.
  type: github-pr
    HEAD: '${{CF_BRANCH}}'
    TITLE: 'Codefresh PR for ${{CF_BRANCH}}'
    BASE: master
Nick Sakovich
Dec 3, 2019