Clone a git repository


  • credentials - Credentials to access the repository, if it requires authentication. It can an object containing username and password fields. Credentials are optional if you are using the built-in git integrations.
    • password
    • username
  • git - The name of the git integration you want to use. If left empty, Codefresh will attempt to use the git provider that was used during account sign-up. Note that this might have unexpected results if you are changing your Git integrations.
  • repo * - path of the repository without the domain name in the form of my_username/my_repo
  • revision - The revision of the repository you are checking out. It can be a revision hash or a branch name. The default value is master.
  • working_directory - The directory to which the repository is cloned. It can be an explicit path in the container’s file system, or a variable that references another step. The default value is ${{main_clone}}.
    version: '1.0'
    title: Running docker image
    type: git-clone
      working_directory: '${{main_clone}}'
      repo: '${{CF_REPO_OWNER}}/${{CF_REPO_NAME}}'
      git: github
      revision: '${{CF_REVISION}}'
Codefresh INC
Aug 25, 2019