Deploy to Kubernetes deploy

Deploy a Docker image to an existing Kubernetes cluster.


  • candidate - Docker image that will be deployed. Only valid if service is defined. Should contain image and name of registry as it appears in the registry integration page.
  • cluster - Name of your K8s cluster as found in the dashboard
  • file_path - A deployment manifest. You need to provide service OR file_path
  • kind - Currently only kubernetes is supported
  • namespace - Namespace where the deployment will take place
  • service - Name of the existing service that will updated. You need to provide service OR file_path
  • timeout - Seconds to wait for the deployment to be completed. Default is 120 seconds
  title: deploying to cluster
  type: deploy
    kind: kubernetes
    cluster: myDemoAKSCluster
    namespace: demo
    service: my-python-app

Codefresh INC
Jul 17, 2020