Build a Docker image


  • build_arguments - A set of Docker build arguments to pass to the build process.
  • dockerfile - The path to the Dockerfile from which the image is built. The default is Dockerfile.
  • image_name * - The name for the image you build.
  • no_cache - Disable Docker engine cache for the build. more info
  • no_cf_cache - Disable Codefresh build optimization for the build. more info
  • squash
  • tag - The tag that is assigned to the image you build. The default is the name of the branch or revision that is built.
  • target - target stage in a multistage build (build will run until this stage)
  • working_directory - The directory in which the build command is executed. It can be an explicit path in the container’s file system, or a variable that references another step. The default is ${{main_clone}}.
    version: '1.0'
    title: Building docker image
    type: build
      image_name: '${{CF_REPO_OWNER}}/${{CF_REPO_NAME}}'
      tag: master
Codefresh INC
Jul 21, 2019