Upcoming Meetups

Using Docker Multi-stage Build to Create Advanced Pipelines

One of the biggest announcements at DockerCon this year was the launch of multi-stage builds. It’s available in Docker version 17.05 onwards and is one of most exciting features to come out. In this online meetup, we will show you how to use the new Docker multi-stage build feature to create advanced pipelines using a single Dockerfile. We will cover:

  • What’s need for a Docker build pipeline
  • Existing solutions
  • New Dockerfile syntax for multi-stage builds
  • Demo: How to use the multi-stage build feature


Past Meetups

Creating an Efficient Docker Build Pipeline for Java Apps

In this webinar, we showed how to create an efficient Docker build pipeline for Java apps. We found that a lot of “Docker for Java developers” tutorials out there unintentionally encourage some Docker bad practices. So we had our Cheif Researcher, Alexei Ledenev, demonstrate how to craft the perfect Java-Docker build flow to consistently produce small, efficient, and secure Docker images. Link to recording and summary

Dockercon in Austin

Codefresh is heading to Dockercon!

Last year was a blast and this year is going to be even better! In addition to our daily schedule of speakers, we'll have
  • Giveaways
  • Popcorn
  • Sr. Engineers on hand to answer questions
  • A likely visit from Superfresh himself
  • 5 minute demos

Development Swarm Cluster with Docker Compose V3

Docker 1.13 introduced a new version of Compose that simplifies deployment. In this online meetup, we walked through the latest features in Compose Version 3 that developers can use for deployment and demonstrated how to quickly create a multi-node Swarm cluster on your laptop, (without needing to install and manage additional VMs). Link to summary and slides

Bare Minimum Developers Need to Know to Get Started with Kubernetes

Kubernetes is crazy complex and powerful. With multiple features and configuration options, it can be overwhelming to get started. In our last webinar Raziel Tabib (Codefresh Co-Founder & CEO) gave a quick intro with only the information you need to know to get our first app up and running in 10 minutes. Read more

Intro to Codefresh YAML

Noam Tenne gave a 30-minute intro to the Codfresh YAML file and explained how it works to support more flexible pipelines. He walked through the architecture/ setup and gave a live demo of how to write a YAML file that tests your code, builds a Docker image, and pushes it to Docker Hub (or any othe registry). Link to slides

Testing Strategies for Docker Driven Development

This webinar has passed, you can watch the video, get the slides, and view the full write up at Docker Testing Strategies. In this webinar we shared how to test containers and run them in production.

Continuous Testing for Containerized Applications

Raziel Tabib (Co-Founder & CEO Codefresh) & Briane Matheson (Sales Engineer BlazeMeter) examined how to automate performance testing in Jenkins and use CodeFresh to implement Docker-Native CI/CD. They demonstrated how to use the Codefresh platform and Taurus to containerize and test a microservices application and establish an automated CI/CD pipeline. Read more here.

ironSource – Optimize CI/CD for Big Data Solutions

Shimon, Tolts (ironSource General Manager) discusses the benefits and challenges his team faced implementing Docker and CI/CD. He explains how IronSource leverages containers to accelerate their workflow and deliver Big Data solutions.

How Docker Accelerates Continuous Development at Codefresh

Raziel Tabib, Co-Founder and CEO of Codefresh, shared how they use Docker containers to increase agility and improve the quality of their application. Read more here.

Containers & OpenStack

In this Containers #101 meetup, Robert Starmer (Founder & CTO of Kumulus Technology) provided a history and overview of container technology. He explained how Containers relate to OpenStack and can help manage an OpenStack environment.