Meet a Codefresher

Hannah Seligson

Developer Advocate – Ohio, US

What was your very first job?

My first job was during college where I worked as a sales representative at a clothing retail company, Banana Republic. This sort of professional experience focused on sales gave me valuable experience about customer service, resolving conflict, visuals, and the entire scope of marketing and selling a product. I eventually pursued a career in sales, including managing 3 retail stores for an Israeli soap company, Sabon, and as an Assistant Account Executive for iHeartRadio.

How did you get into your current job or field?

My sales career led me into Project Management, which ultimately led me to the tech industry. As a PM, I was client-facing and communicated regularly with our customers and had the opportunity to establish their project requirements and needs. However, seeing those requirements from the client lost in translation, whether it was with a design for their product or website functionality, I grew frustrated and desired a skillset to resolve the issues and deliver what the client wanted. I enrolled in a coding boot camp for 4 months, where I learned object-oriented programming and kicked off my career as a developer!

What’s a fun fact about you that not many people know?

I have a couple of passion projects outside of work that I pursue and love! One is an online vintage clothing store, Grace Rose Vintage, where I sell and collect vintage pieces ranging from the 1920s-1980s. My passion for vintage stems from an appreciation for history and sustainability with a desire to promote reusability and craftsmanship.

I’m also building an inclusive community for the tech industry, Tech with Hannah, providing a safe space for diverse racial, ethnic, and gender identities to connect. I hope with this project that we can humanize the tech industry and encourage others to pursue their careers in tech, knowing they have support and someone rooting for them.

What is your favorite activity or hobby that you enjoy outside of work?

My favorite activity outside of work is being outdoors! Anything I can do on a trail or in the mountains is where I want to be! I love long-distance backpacking, hiking, biking, kayaking, and running. I also enjoy packing up my Subaru, hitting the road, and finding adventure in our National and State Parks.

What is your best memory about working at Codefresh?

My favorite thing about working at Codefresh is engaging in conversations with my colleagues. Everyone is passionate about the product, but also about the industry. Each person I’ve spoken with is willing to find ways to collaborate and help each other.
I’m especially thankful for my colleague and manager, Kostis who is patient and an excellent teacher who answers all of my questions and provides advice since I’m new to the DevOps industry.

Working with people who are knowledgeable, excited, and up-to-date about industry trends, and best practices is incredibly inspiring and motivating.