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Are you ready for CircleCI to drop 1.0 support?

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As some may be aware, CircleCI recently announced “after August 31, 2018, CircleCI 1.0 will no longer be available” which means your 1.0 pipelines will no longer run or function.

So how do you tell if you’re using CircleCI 1.0? Check your circle.yml for a version key. If you don’t have this then you are using CircleCI 1.0.

circle.yml 1.0 syntax looks like:

and circle.yml 2.0 syntax looks more like:

Are you the bearer of bad news? Is your project building on 1.0? Need to migrate?

Now would be a great time to see what other CI/CD platforms have to offer.

To help you evaluate your options, here are some questions you should ask.

How do you deploy your application today? Are you using Docker?

Codefresh is the CI/CD platform built around helping you deliver Docker containers.

Do you use Kubernetes for container orchestration? Or what about Helm for packaging your Kubernetes applications?

There’s a good chance your company is actively evaluating these technologies if you’re not using them already. Codefresh has out-of-the box steps and dashboards for Kubernetes.

What if you had to deploy WordPress to your Kubernetes cluster in the next 5 minutes? Do you know where you would start?

The short answer is to use Helm.

Codefresh is heavily invested in the Helm project, and provides deep integration with Helm as part of the platform. Check out some of the things you can do below –

See all the apps available to install into your Kubernetes cluster. Look! There’s WordPress!

Install apps into your Kubernetes cluster with the click of a button:

Check the status of your release:

These are just some of the many ways Codefresh works in harmony with Kubernetes and Helm.

You can evenĀ host your own Helm chart repository in Codefresh.

Create an account to see for yourself.

Josh Dolitsky

Josh Dolitsky

Josh is a software engineer at Codefresh and the creator/primary maintainer of the open-source project ChartMuseum.

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